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Posted by Gary24.01.20

Fedrigoni 366

Earlier this year P4P participated in a project run by the Italian fine paper manufacturer Fedrigoni.

Their annual project, named 366 this time around as 2020 is a leap year, invites designers, illustrators and photographers to submit entries for their calendar that is published in book form. Participants are allocated a specific date and in our case we were assigned the number 26, representing 26th March 2020. We could interpret the number in any way we saw fit, however we were restricted to using only black as the entry was to be printed on a new Fedrigoni paper stock, named Woodstock, using the colour pistachio.

We opened the brief to our entire team and shown below are six designs and accompanying explanations that we put to a vote internally. Our chosen submission, created by Gregor, is the last one featured that is also shown in the published book. While all the ideas had merit, given our extensive involvement in the commercial property marketplace, we all felt that Gregor’s interpretation featuring a floor plan was brilliantly conceived.
Blue Book
Collage of Work
26 – the number of complete miles in a marathon – official distance 26.2 of course!
Incorporating the number 26 into the tread of a running shoe – a simple and effective representation of hard work, endurance and sheer determination.
The inspiration for the marque came from the alphabet where Z is the 26th and final letter. Referencing this a Z was created using the numbers 2 and 6.
Z Symbol
The smoking ban was introduced in Scotland on March 26th, 2006. The 26 is distorted reflecting the diagonal line within the ‘no smoking’ symbol. The structure of the number disintegrates into ash.
Smoking Ban
The ‘Type 26’ Frigate, known as the Global Combat Ship, is currently being built for the UK’s Royal Navy at BAE Systems’ Govan and Scotstoun yards on the River Clyde in Glasgow. What better way to celebrate our country’s amazing talent for ship building than with a game of Battleships!
On 26 March 1995 the abolition of border controls between Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal became reality making it possible for citizens to travel freely to visit other Schengen countries. The marque was created using lines which come together to create the number 26 linking it to the countries.


Gregor bought his first apartment when he was 26. Styled as a floor plan, each room is based on the layout and contents of his home.

Final Artwork

Fedrigoni Book