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A village restored, repurposed and redefined. On the site of the former Bangour Hospital in West Lothian, set in 215 acres of majestic, mature woodland, one of the UK’s most iconic redevelopment projects has now commenced.

Bangour logo set on top of with atmospheric forest background
Aerial overview of Bangour Estate
Bangour poem by Nigel.
Bangour Estate logo with blue sky and church tower in background
Bangour Estate slogan example
Bangour Estate road-sign drawing
Bangour Estate various icon examples
Bangour Estate map of surrounding area
Bangour Estate branded notebook
Bangour Estate branded flag
Bangour Estate roadside advertising example
Bangour Estate illustration displaying the text
Bangour adverting poster curb side
Bangour Estate website example on laptop screen
Bangour Estate website example on mobile phone
Bangour branding examples.

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