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Classicism and Colonnade

With our client an avowed classicist, Greek and Roman architecture heavily influenced the approach we adopted in creating the brand, stationery and website for the Colonnade Group.

Branding, Print, Website

Colonnade Group Logo


Three strong columns referencing architectural elements of the company's hometown of Edinburgh, the longevity of the organisation (it has been around for 45 years) and its involvement in commercial property, formed the graphic element of the brand. To match the boldness of the marque a clear and modern sans serif font was chosen.

Colonnade Brand


A suite of stationery was created using artisanal GF Smith papers and foil embossing.

Colonnade Group Business Cards
Colonnade Stationery


A scrolling website further developed the classical theme through the use of architectural photography featuring columns, telamons and colonnades to introduce the various sections.

Colonnade Website