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Printing Works

Branding a new Bristol Quarter

Having acquired the former Everard’s Printing Works in Bristol’s historic city centre, Artisan Real Estate Investors approached us to create a brand and website for their proposed mixed use development that will create a thriving new hotel, leisure and residential quarter.

Branding, Website

Everards Aerial


One of the most prominent features of the existing site is the striking Art Nouveau façade of the former print works that tells the story of printing. The inspiration for the new logo was a distinctive element of the ironwork on the entrance gates to the building that forms the letter ‘E’. A brushstroke was added to the letter ‘E’ to hint at the building’s history as a printing works and a soft green colour added, taken from the beautiful tiles that feature on the façade.

Everards Identity

Edward Everard, the founder of the printing company, much admired the work of the Victorian designer William Morris and featured him on the building’s façade. Taking inspiration from a serif font called 'The Golden Type' that Morris designed, we sourced a modern cut of the typeface for use within the brand.

The final result is a modern logo that directly references the colour, typography and history of one of the most iconic buildings in Bristol.

Everards Identity


Prior to the public consultation taking place, a scrolling website was created to provide information about the proposed development to neighbouring occupiers, interested parties and the public.

Everards Website