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Judy Murray

'Everyone for Tennis, Everywhere for Tennis'

With the P4P studio being home to numerous tennis buffs who have been glued to Wimbledon since childhood, you can imagine how honoured we felt when we were invited to create the brand and website for the Judy Murray Foundation.

As indicated by the strapline ‘Everyone for Tennis, Everywhere for Tennis’ the mission of the Judy Murray Foundation is to bring tennis into rural and disadvantaged areas in Scotland and provide the opportunity for people of all ages to experience this wonderful sport.

Branding, Print, Website

Judy Murray Profile


The task was to create a brand that would work effectively on everything from signage to sportswear. A single shape used in parallel produces the letter ‘M’ and inverted with the addition of a circle, creates the letter ‘J’. The colour blue was chosen to represent Scotland with the yellow circle representing a tennis ball. The use of only two simple elements results in a strong brand that sits well alongside other well-known tennis marques, scales well and is instantly recognisable in both mono and colour.

Judy Murray Identity
Judy Murray Identity

Brand Application

A key aspect of the the visual style of the brand is harmony between imagery and the JM marque. The subject within the photograph can be seen to subtly interact with the marque to highlight the tennis ball.

Judy Murray Flag
Judy Murray Foundation Clothing
Judy Murray Foundation Fabric
Judy Murray Foundation Signage


A photography lead website was created to coincide with the launch of the Foundation. While the website will evolve as the organisation grows, in the first instance the aim was to convey the Foundation’s mission and introduce the team behind it.